Women’s Tea Luncheon

Although Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford and Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Victoria, is often credited with starting the tradition of afternoon tea in the early 1840’s to overcome her “sinking feeling,” the mood of the folks attending the Tea Luncheon that we hosted recently is best described by participants as “uplifting.”

Many women, like Tracy Miller, made it a family affair. A 34-year-member of VBUMC, Tracy sat with her daughter and three granddaughters and described the lunch as a “fine afternoon, one which my granddaughters will always remember.”

A member of United Methodist Women (UMW) since 1981, Gene Rimer attended with her daughter and seven-year-old granddaughter.  She has fond memories of the mother-daughter banquets that the UMW used to host and was elated to be able to use the fine china tea cups “one last time.” No doubt the recent royal wedding between Prince Harry and American Meghan Markle may have had an influence on Gene’s granddaughter who is “already practicing how to hold a tea cup like the Queen.”

Likewise, Tonya Brown participated with her aunt and 11-year-old daughter. In addition to enjoying the tasty lunch, Tonya was happy to be able to “take home a part of the church’s history” since each attendee was encouraged to take home two cups. Tonya’s granddaughter now has six cups, so “she can host her own tea party.”

For Leanne Lowdermilk the tea luncheon was a great time to “hang out with friends without kids.” As the co-leader of a young parents’ life group, she enjoyed being able “to fellowship with the girls from her life group; being able to take home tea cups from the event made the day even more special.”

Tonya Brown summed up the event for all the participants: “Definitely a hit!” 

-Dee Swanson