Two Questions

Two Questions to Consider 

I love good questions, they help us think clearly and grow wise.  Questions can inspire discovery and innovation.  Whenever I study a passage of scripture, I try to ask questions of the text because I believe those questions help me understand God’s wisdom, and apply that wisdom to my life.  Recently, I was studying Colossians 2:6-7, “Just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, so continue to grow in Him, rooted and built up in the faith as you are taught, and overflowing with thanksgiving.”  Reflecting on this passage allowed me to consider two very important questions. Listen to the Feb 4 sermon, “Two Questions to Consider.”

  1. First question: Have I truly received Jesus Christ as Lord?  There is a difference between having an opinion about Jesus and making a commitment to Jesus.  Receiving Christ Jesus as Lord means more than just believing that He is the Son of God who died on the cross and rose from the dead.  It also means making a commitment to receive Jesus as my Savior and Lord, and to commit my life to Him by seeking to live as He would have me live.  This is what people mean when they talk about having a “personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”  It is more than an opinion, it is a relationship that requires an intentional decision to be committed.  In the same way that I committed myself to be in a personal relationship with my wife on our wedding day, I need to make sure that I have committed to be in a relationship with Jesus, and that I have made that decision clearly and earnestly.
  2. Second question: Am I continuing to grow in Him?  In other words, am I living out the implications of my commitment to Jesus.  A commitment to receive him as Lord implies a commitment to continue growing mature as a follower of Jesus Christ.  There is a difference between “trying” to become spiritually mature and “training” to become spiritually mature.  Christians are called to “train” themselves to become mature (1 Timothy 4:7).  This requires intentional effort and consistent discipline, so I must make sure that I make time in my daily and weekly schedule to invest myself in Bible study, worship, fellowship and service so that I can continue to grow.

These two questions really summarize the basic steps of the Christian life: making a commitment to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and then continuing the spiritual growth process implied by that commitment. In this way, we become the people we were meant to be, and make the best of our life for the rest of our life.

Pastor Mark Miller