Did you know that we are home to Boy Scout Troop 378? These Boy Scouts have completed a total of 154 hours of volunteer work this year for our church. In addition, the Troop will be volunteering at the Christmas Walk on Friday December 8 and they are planning to participate in a monthly service opportunity. Please give them a big “THANK YOU” the next time you see them.

Some of the projects included:

  • Easter Egg Hunt: 10 Scouts, 2 Leaders, 2 Adult volunteers x 2 hours (28 man hours)
  • Yard work for our Parsonage: 20 Scouts, 4 Leaders, 6 Adult volunteers x 2 hours (60 man hours)
  • Trunk or Treat: 17 Scouts, 2 Leaders, 3 Adult volunteers x 3 hours (66 man hours)