Overall, Potter’s House served 676 people.   Fresh Food Wednesday served 361 families, feeding 1,055.  We were also open Christmas Day and served 68 people.  We did this with a little over $4,000, but the value was $26,732! Here are some of the reasons people applied for financial support:

  • Single mom with 2 children; ex-husband behind on child support.  Works for restaurant and tourist season is over so work is slow.
  • Not working due to cancer and has 5 children.
  • Injured at work and waiting for workers compensation to be awarded.
  • One parent laid off for a few months with 2 small children to support.
  • Behind on rent and utilities due to father being out of work.


In November we served over 1,126 households of the working poor and the homeless. The value of what we gave totaled $30,893 using only $4,285!

  • Our food pantry gave food to 404 families feeding 1,105 people.
  • We served a bag lunch and a meal to 632.
  • We paid 71 past due bills.
  • We helped 16 people get IDs.
  • We helped 16 people with bikes.
  • We gave hygiene products to 37 people.

This week, someone called to thank everyone at the Potters House for helping her pay her VA Power Bill ($50 on Nov 28th). She was very grateful!!