Bikes for Work

Can you imagine having to walk to work everyday? How do you carry several bags of heavy groceries over a distance? In 1998, one man had a solution. Clark Mandigo, one of our previous Associate Pastors, had the great idea to start a Bicycle Transportation Ministry. He knew that one member of our congregation owned a bike shop, so he asked Dave Moore if he’d be interested to help. To this day, Dave Moore is still leading the Bicycle Transportation Ministry but he is not alone. The bikes come from our congregation and community – some from as far as Chesapeake and Norfolk. For years now, Ann Shufflebarger has been donating 1/2 of her garage space to house the bikes until they are repaired to give away. One time, they received a donation of 60 bikes at once, and Martha McIntosh donated the use of her garage until they were all gone. There are 10 men and 1 woman volunteer who refurbish and repair bikes on a weekly basis. The bikes are brought from the garage to the Workshop at the Potter’s House, where they are updated and repaired, then they move to a storage shed next to the Potter’s House where they wait to be issued. Any adult who has a job can request a bike. Just bring in a pay stub showing you have been working for at least 2 weeks and, voila, you receive a bike! You can bring that bike back anytime for free repairs, as long as you have a current pay stub. The Ministry also helps other Ministries, not just individuals. PIN (People In Need) Ministry has requested 2 bikes per week on a continuing basis.

Even though this ministry is to help folks with transportation to work, they haven’t forgotten about the children. The Bicycle Transportation Ministry has been working with the directors of the Atlantis and Friendship Village apartments for about 10 years now to identify families who need kids’ bikes. These bikes are collected and stored until November each year, then repaired and given out in December. On December 4, 16 children’s bicycles were delivered to Atlantis Apartments, and 10 children’s bikes went to Friendship Village Apartments. “These bikes become a major part of Christmas for these kids each year,” says Dave.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our volunteers: Jennifer Vaughan, Lori Shedlock, Bob Giesen, Tom Moore, Dick Morrison, Harry Pfeiffer, Tim Farabaugh, Steve Lantz, Jim Elbe, David Smith and Fred Coates.

They can always use help, so if you’re handy with tools and like to repair things, call Dave Moore: 757-407-2560.