In January, even with being closed 3 days, Potter’s House served over 925 households. 

  • 466 lunches were served
  • 117 households were interviewed for financial assistance
  • 342 households were given food feeding 859
  • 2 Bikes were given out
  • 8 bike repairs were done

A total of $2,371.96 was spent. The value for all services given was over $25,000.

Some of the reasons given for requesting financial support were:

  • has full-time job but can’t afford recent hospital bills and now has eviction notice.
  • single Mom lost job for 2 weeks and is behind on bills.  Does have new job now.
  • single Mom, daughter has health problems.  Lost income due to storm closings at work.
  • single Mom with 2 daughters, not enough child support and low paying job.
  • retired couple on fixed income.  Got behind on water bill due to Christmas and medical bills.

In November we served over 1,126 households of the working poor and the homeless. The value of what we gave totaled $30,893 using only $4,285!

  • Our food pantry gave food to 404 families feeding 1,105 people.
  • We served a bag lunch and a meal to 632.
  • We paid 71 past due bills.
  • We helped 16 people get IDs.
  • We helped 16 people with bikes.
  • We gave hygiene products to 37 people.

This week, someone called to thank everyone at the Potters House for helping her pay her VA Power Bill ($50 on Nov 28th). She was very grateful!!