Thank You For Your Faithfulness

We have a number of options about what we do with money. We can spend it, we can save it, we can invest it and we can give it away. Often, in the church, we encourage you to give money to support out mission and ministry. But perhaps it would be more accurate to describe this as an investment. In reality, that is what you are doing when you provide financial support to Virginia Beach United Methodist Church. You are investing in our work to change lives, to advance the cause of Jesus Christ, to lovingly and courageously communicate the truth of God's Word to a confused and broken world.

Below is our digital Estimate of Giving form for 2023. Would you please prayerfully consider filling out and submitting this form? The information assists us in managing our finances, and filling out this form is designed to help you prayerfully consider how God is inviting you to invest in the work we do together as His Church. Thank you for all you do, and thank you for investing in the work of our Lord.

~ Pastor Larry Davies