We can no longer accept household donations of any kind, including clothing.  Please consider donating your items to your local Salvation Army or like charity. 


12 Months of Giving

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 12 Months of Giving donations are on hold until further notice.

We show our love of God in many ways and one of those ways is giving to those who are less fortunate. We now have a great opportunity to give all year round!  We will be collecting certain items each month for the Potter’s House to help us manage space and storage so please do not bring in items not listed for that month. This is so important!

Please do not give any expired items as we will have to discard them. Help make this a successful drive as we thank the Lord for how blessed we are to help others!

Drop off all items at the designated table in the Welcome Center!

If you have any questions please contact Mandi Cutchins.





Service is Not Just an Assignment or Operation

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Community Outreach and Missions


Potter’s House is located at 1709 Pacific Avenue, across 18th street from Virginia Beach United Methodist Church. The parking lot and entrance are in the back of the building and accessed from 18th Street, directly behind Domino’s Pizza.


The Potter’s House came into being as a result of Virginia Beach United Methodist Church’s fund-raising campaign for the educational building in the late 1990’s. The organizers of the campaign insisted that a tithe of ten percent of the funds raised, be set aside to serve the poor. With that tithe, a building across the street from the church was purchased and renovated by volunteers to serve this purpose. Potter’s House has occupied the building since June of 1999.
The name “Potter’s House” comes from scripture. Isaiah 64.8, “But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand”.
Potter’s House is staffed and operated by volunteers. The Potter’s House budget is based solely on donations, from Communion Sunday collections and other donations throughout the year. Financial and material support is also provided by private companies and organizations in the community. The Potter’s House ministry networks with other local churches. Potter’s House volunteers provide a support system for the homeless, working, and non-working poor by striving to meet their immediate needs.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-10:30 AM – Financial Assistance (Rent and Utility Bills totaling $500 or less), Bike and ID’s
Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-11:00 AM Bag Lunches, Pantry Items, Hygiene Items

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 PM Financial Assistance (Rent and Utility Bills totaling $500 or less).  Located at the Gathering at Scott Memorial United Methodist Church, 409 First Colonial Road.  These are by appointment only. Please make an appointment by calling Mandi Cutchins at 757.428.7727 x 212 or by email at


Potter’s House provides services to the homeless, the working poor, and those in crisis situations, who are residents of Virginia Beach. Assistance is Available for:

  • Sack Lunches
  • Food Pantry
  • Rent
  • Utilities: Electricity, Natural Gas, Water, Sewer, & Heating Oil
  • Birth Certificates – Domestic and Foreign
  • State of Virginia ID Card
  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Bicycles & Bicycle Repair (proof of minimum of 2 weeks employment required to obtain a bicycle)

Clients are eligible for food orders every two months. Clients are eligible for financial assistance once a year.

Monetary donations may be made to the Virginia Beach United Methodist Church with the memo “Potter’s House.”

For more information on Potter’s House, contact Mandi Cutchins




Program Description

By God’s grace our church is setting aside for missions 10% of the contributions made for building the new North Wing. It is our prayer and hope that through this program, selected mission initiatives–both new and established–will be better able to provide assistance to those in need in our community and, in doing so, share God’s love. The Mission Grants Committee, a sub-committee of the Board of Missions & Outreach, will be led by its Missional Purpose Statement in deciding which initiatives to support with funding. While we will prayerfully consider all applications, we intend to give priority to those which are faith based and promote discipleship.

This program has a maximum limit of $25,000 per grant. That said, we expect most requests, especially those from volunteer based initiatives, will be for smaller amounts ($5,000 or less). We intend to operate the program for multiple years, however we will require that new applications be submitted each year. With each grant the Committee will require all grantees to provide periodic progress reports, at least annually.

The schedule for the 2019 program is:

  • January: Announce program launch
  • February – April: Accept applications
  • May – June: Decide which initiatives to fund and distribute grants

Questions may be referred to Mandi Cutchins, Director of Missions and Outreach.


Complete the online application here or download a printable version.

Missional Purpose Statement

The congregation of Virginia Beach United Methodist Church seeks to be an expression of God’s heart in the communities where we live and serve. Since the founding of our church we have sought to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. That commitment lives on. God’s grace leads us to serve our neighbors near and far. This is our calling and our gift.

Because God’s mission is inclusive, we seek to serve all persons without regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, status, economic condition, ability, sexual orientation or faith background. As we survey our gifts and the unmet needs of our communities, we conclude that we can be most effective if we:

  • Emphasize our service to working poor families with dependent children
  • Help people thrive, not just survive
  • Coordinate our services with those of local caregivers
  • Strive to achieve a high level of engagement across our congregation

It is our prayer that the Holy Spirit will empower us as we tend to the needy and guide them toward an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants must either be members of VBUMC or sponsored by a member of VBUMC.

Central to our concept of missions is the charge that we bring people into relationship with Jesus. Thus, applicants must be demonstrably faith-oriented and Christian, and they must share our belief that good works are grounded in a relationship with Jesus. We do not fund for-profit organizations.

Do we require a face-to-face presentation as part of the application?

No, it is not required, although we may request applicants to do so in order to gather additional information about the grants request.

Are there things we won’t fund?

We have a preference for efforts that go directly towards creating relationships with Jesus and assisting people who are in difficulty. While we don’t rule out funding of an “indirect nature” (for example, training people who will then minister to others), we want our funding to produce measurable results for those to whom we are ministering.

We are able to make grants for capital expenditures as well. For expenditures over $2500, we require that the applicant get at least two bids and for expenditures over $10,000 we require three bids before releasing funds.

Is there a maximum amount for each award?

The Board has set a maximum amount of $25,000 in any given year for each applicant, although we expect that the average request will be less than that.

When will funds be made available to grant recipients?

The Board will make funds available at its discretion on a case by case basis. For example, for a well-established organization there may be a set schedule. For a new organization, there may be a schedule that is contingent upon producing certain results with the first allocation before receiving the second. For small amounts of money, it may be a single lump sum distribution up front.

Will we fund applicants who minister to people outside of Virginia Beach?

Yes, we may. Our emphasis is on having a local impact, but there is no geographic restriction on where the money may be used. We can imagine funding organizations working in neighboring cities, other states in the US, or even overseas.


Mid-October through May, Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:15-5:30pm

Care by Community is an after-school program for homeless and “at-risk” students from our neighboring schools. On Mondays and Wednesdays, students who participate in the program come here to receive help with homework, school projects, reading, and any other academic needs. They also have some recreation time to play games and just have fun! The students are then fed a hot meal and then taken home. The program was created to help not only the students but to allow their parents to work later into the evenings. This is a great way to reach out and make a positive and lasting impact on our community! The CBC program has proven to help improve students’ grades, behavior, and over all self-esteem! It also helps families help themselves and pull themselves out of homelessness.
Donations of snacks should be clearly marked “CBC After School Program” and left in the church office.
Financial donations may be placed in an envelope and in the CBC After School Program mailbox in the church office.

We are involved with the City of Virginia Beach, Partners in Education.

You can volunteer with the children doing one-on-one homework assistance, reading, school projects and even playing games! Volunteers can work one day a week, a month, or more. Please arrive at 3:15pm and stay for dinner while we feed our CBC children!


If you would like to assist with CBC but can’t give of your time and talent in the classroom you can always assist by providing baked goods and/or juice boxes, cooking a meal, or even buying presents for special events.

Open Table is a nationally acclaimed program that provides a structure for churches to help those in poverty.  The Open Table initiative at Virginia Beach United Methodist is an important new addition to our missional efforts, as it embraces a relational and transformational approach to helping those in need.

The Open Table approach consists of a group of volunteers (anywhere from 6 – 10) and a person or family (referred to as brothers and/or sisters) who is ready to make efforts to lift themselves into a more sustainable and healthy situation.  Together, the volunteers and the person/family comprise “a table.”  The table meets weekly for a year.  During that time, they develop strong relationships that form a foundation of trust so that, as a group, they can overcome some of the difficult issues surrounding poverty.

The table is directed by the family.  One metaphor that is often used to describe Open Table is that the family is like the Chairperson and the volunteers are like board members.  The family sets out the goals that they want to accomplish and then the table works together to make those goals a reality.  Examples of goals include things like:

  • Obtaining a driver’s license and vehicle
  • Finding a clean and affordable place to live
  • Finding employment that pays enough to sustain a family
  • Learning how to set and manage a budget

For more in-depth information on Open Table, visit their website.

Our Commitment

At the end of 2018, Virginia Beach United Methodist made a strategic decision to expand its ministries to increase emphasis on helping the working poor, especially families.  In particular, our goal is to create lasting and sustainable change for those families. 

Just as we made that decision, and in what can only be described as divine intervention, God brought to us an opportunity to join the Open Table community.  After some research, we became confident that Open Table was indeed the way to produce the transformation we had envisioned.  We also know that volunteers who participate in Open Table are transformed themselves, for they truly become the hands and feet of Christ as they develop friendships with the family.  There is no doubt: the volunteer commitment is substantial, but the results are undeniable.  Open Table produces lasting, sustainable change for the family, strong friendships, and a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Christ for everyone in the table.

Can You Help?

If you feel as though God may be calling you to be an Open Table member, please contact Doug Wilbourne or the church office.

Volunteers at the bike shop repair about 25 bikes a week and give out 4-5 bikes per week. A requirement to obtain a bike or repair service is that the person be gainfully employed.

As of November 2007, about $1500 a year is being spent in this Ministry. Approximately 1,000 bikes are repaired and about 200 to 250 bikes were being given away a year. Most of the bikes are donated from the churches in the Beach Borough. Inner tubes, gear and brake cables, and necessary tools, cables, and locks are purchased. Each bike given away has a cable with a lock to help reduce theft.

Currently, you will find a crew repairing bikes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Potter’s House. A crew goes around town and picks up bicycles. One volunteer allows the ministry to use her garage to store excess bikes in the winter so they are available when the summer season hits full stride and the homeless population is at its greatest.


Bikes are always needed. Bike parts are recycled, including bike locks and cables. Receipts are provided which can be used for charitable tax deductions. If you would like to donate a bike or bike parts please contact Dave Moore Sr., 757-407-2560.

Fresh Food Wednesday is held at The Gathering UMC, 409 First Colonial Road. This mission distributes fresh, perishable food to the needy.

Volunteers are needed to serve on Wednesday evening for 2 hours as a volunteer attendant.

When our guests arrive, each volunteer will take a guest around and help them pick out their food from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. each Wednesday.

For more information, contact The Gathering Church office at 757.428.3720.

Join Our Fresh Food Wednesday Facebook Group!



“Reaching Those Others Have Forgotten . . .”
We are privileged to partner with Good News Jail & Prison Ministry. Good News Jail & Prison Ministry is the largest independent supplier of chaplains for jails and prisons worldwide, serving in 22 states, 1 American territory and 25 countries. Your gifts help reach inmates and staff with the Gospel and to disciple them for Jesus Christ. Thank you for helping us reach those others have forgotten.

More info on Good News Jail & Prison Ministry.

Water Filters

Build, install, and give clean water to a family in need to share, experience, and witness the life-changing love and hope we receive through Jesus. 

We install biosand water filters in village homes. Biosand filters consist of a concrete mold that we then fill with layers of cleaned gravel and biosand. The filters use a natural process that removes 98% of all bacteria, pathogens, and diseases from the water. Because of their sturdy construction and natural means of filtration, the filters have relatively no maintenance and work for 35 years. The family who received the first filter years ago used to take their children to the hospital every week. Now, they have not been to the hospital in over 3 years!  You can find more information on the filters at

Each water filter costs $80. The filters are often used not just by the household in which they are installed but by neighboring families and friends. So some filters may be used by more than 50 people. Each filter can provide more than 100,000 gallons of clean water a year. 

For more information, contact Chuck Cassidy


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