I’m Glad You Asked

Aren’t All Religions Basically the Same? – Pastor Mark Miller

Sunday Scripture: Acts 4:8-13

Additional Scripture:  I Peter 3:15

Reflection/Discussion Questions: Oct 1 All Religions The Same


How Could a Loving God Allow Tragedy/Suffering?  – Pastor Mark Miller

Sunday Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:7-10, 16-18

Additional Scripture:   Romans 8:18-23, 28

Reflection/Discussion Questions: Oct 8 Suffering And Tragedy


How Could a Loving God Send Someone to Hell?- Pastor Mark Miller

Sunday Scripture: Matthew 13:47-51

Additional Scripture:  Matthew 7:13-14

Reflection/Discussion Questions:  Oct 15 Does God Send People To Hell


What About Religious Violence and Holy Wars?- Pastor Mark Miller

Sunday Scripture: 1 Samuel 15:1-11

Reflection/Discussion Questions: Oct 22 Religious Violence

I believe in God, Why Do I Need Church? – Pastor Matt Potter

Sunday Scripture: Acts 2:36-47

Reflection/Discussion Questions:  Oct 29 Why Church

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