Potter’s House Report May 2018

The total value of support provided in the form of financial aid, bikes, and food was $33,934.06.  We conducted 190 interviews for financial aid, fed 441 households at Fresh Food Wednesday, and did this with the support of 319 volunteers! 

Among the reasons for needing financial assistance are:

  • fell behind on bills due to a needed auto repair and needing to fly to father’s funeral.
  • single Mom with 2 kids is no longer receiving SSI for children with sickle cell anemia.
  • supports adult disabled daughter and had high utility bills in the winter.
  • not able to work due to illness or surgery.

Jennifer Vaughan, who runs the Potter’s House, continues to meet with the Transition Team for the Housing Resource Center (HRC).  This team consists of the librarian for the oceanfront library, 99 for the One, Star of the Sea Catholic Church, PIN, PATH (Human Services), Homeless Outreach Team, Director of the HRC, Program Director of the HRC, Volunteer Coordinator of the HRC. Together they are trying to address the needs of the homeless at the oceanfront.

Topics they are working on include:

  • Transportation – The city will provide transportation to and from the HRC and the oceanfront.  Times will revolve around jobs and services. Possibly 3 times a day.
  • Meals – At this time, meals will only be provided for those who are staying in the shelter.
  • Services needed – Discussions are around trying not to duplicate services and determining what is needed.
  • Opening date – It now looks like move in for the offices will be in late July/August.  This time frame has changed due to construction.  The shelter will open in the fall.