Potter’s House Report April 2018

Thanks to your continued, generous support, Potter’s House was able to provide $25,050 worth of financial assistance, bikes, and food to the homeless and working poor in April. We served 502 lunches, conducted 199 interviews, and supplied 318 households at Fresh Food Wednesdays. Jennifer Vaughan, Director of Potter’s House Ministries, has been meeting with the leaders of the Housing Resource Center (HRC) in Virginia Beach, a facility designed to provide homeless families and individuals a place to get back on their feet. Some of the highlights are:

  • Transportation to and from the HRC is being planned
  • Move in for the offices (Human Resources, PATH, Day Support Center, Health Clinic, etc.) is planned for June
  • There will be 49 beds for single homeless and 10 rooms (40 beds) for families (Winter Shelter has an average of 65-70 each night)
  • There are 29 one bed units for Permanent housing

Reasons for needing assistance this month included:

  • Laid off from work, started new job but got behind on rent
  • Daughter and grandchildren have come to live with her and she is behind on water bill
  • Husband on disability and also taking care of her father
  • Hospitalized and unable to work
  • Elderly with disability and rent increases are more than Social Security increases