Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday was an inaugural parade.  Jesus was making the bold statement that he was the promised King, bringing a new kind of kingdom.  Some believed, some did not.  For those who believed, the resurrection of Jesus confirmed his identity and authenticated his kingdom.  The King who declared that his kingdom was not of this world, demonstrated a power that is not of this world, and established the Church to be a visible representation of his eternal kingdom in this temporal world.  Listen to the March 25 Sermon, “Join the Parade.”

But the King is not finished.  His first inaugural parade will someday be followed by a second inaugural parade.  The King is coming back!  The second-coming of Jesus Christ is a promise that has given hope and strength to Christians down through the ages.  The second coming is referenced at least 318 times in the New Testament and was a dominant part of the teaching of the early Church.  We do not know the day or the hour, but we know that our King will return.

For now, we live in between the two inaugural parades.  One has already happened on Palm Sunday, the other will happen someday.  Until that day, we live out our lives with hope, and we engage in two consistent behaviors that demonstrate the Kingdom of God in our midst:

  1. First, we work.  Work is how we demonstrate the power of the kingdom. We do the work that Christ began, caring for those who are struggling, and inviting people to be reconciled to God through the love and forgiveness that is available to us. 
  2. Second, we worship.  Through worship we celebrate the beauty of the kingdom.  We don’t worship God because He needs it, we worship God because He deserves it.  Authentic love and devotion must be expressed in order to be fulfilled.  Through worship we express our love, loyalty and devotion to our King.  

Someday, there will be a new heaven and a new earth, and there will be no more suffering, death, injustice or sorrow.  Until that day, we wait.  But while we wait, we work and we worship, knowing that the Kingdom of God has already begun, and we get to be part of the action!

Pastor Mark Miller