A New Look: 3 Tips & Tricks
    05.01.20 | Articles | News | by Emily Gimlin

    Welcome to the new! We've been hard at work getting our new digital home ready for you, and we hope you enjoy exploring the website. To help you get started, here are three tips and tricks that will help you get around this new website...

      We Are the Clay
      01.17.19 | Stories | Impact | by Dee Swanson

      A sign in a local party store reads, “Don’t just count your blessings; share them.” And that is exactly what Virginia Beach United Methodist Church sets out to do with its many ministries. One vital ministry is our...

        Christian Evidence
        11.20.18 | Stories | Impact | by Dee Swanson

        “If being a Christian were made illegal tomorrow, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” William E. Gladstone, a statesman and former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, posed this question in 1879, yet it is a query...