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A Labor of Love

In this series, Pastor Mark explores the idea that love is something we do, not something we feel. Applying key insights from the book The Five Love Languages, Pastor Mark explores how we do the work required fulfill the Great Commandment to Love God and Love Others.

What's the Point?

The Bible is full of stories and parables, so Pastor Mark Miller will be examining a whole bunch of them and helping us figure out "What's the Point?"

I Have A Question

Why does God let evil happen? Does this pandemic mean the end's coming? We'll be taking a look at these questions and more about God, faith, and the church, all of them submitted by the community. You asked, Pastor Mark answers. 

Vice Grip

Dealing with the Deadly Seven
In this Lenten series, we take a fresh look at the Seven Deadly Vices that are the root of the self-inflicted pain and misery we sometimes experience in life.  Rather than wallowing in guilt and shame, understanding these Seven Deadly Vices can helps us break free of bondage to sin and equip us to live the joyful life God intends for us.

Guilt & Grace

In this mini sermon series, we examine the difference between worldly guilt and godly guilt, how grace really works, and how God uses both guilt and grace to transform our lives.

Word of the Week

This series looks at various words we find in the Bible, words that we might use without fully understanding what they mean.  We will explain these words and explore how they apply to our lives.

A Christmas Story

This series explores famous scenes from the well-loved holiday movie about Ralphie and his desire for a BB-Gun, connecting the message from these scenes to the message of the real Christmas story.
(A Christmas Story © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.)

The Treasure Principle

What we value, what we treasure most, is an indication of our heart.  This series helps us compare our deepest desires with the truth that Jesus offers us to see if our heart and our treasure are leading us to the kind of life that Jesus calls us to live.

What's the Difference?

We live in a world of many different religions and belief systems.  How do they compare to Christianity?  This series helps to clarify the basic beliefs of our Christian faith by comparing Christianity with some of the other major belief systems of the world.

Stand-Alone Messages

All messages not part of a series, such as those given at holiday or other special services, messages delivered by guest speakers, etc.

Big Ten

Ten Reasons for Ten Commandments Today
Understanding the Ten Commandments and why they still matter today.