Financial Peace University

At the beginning of 2018, we offered the Financial Peace University (FPU) Class here at Virginia Beach United Methodist.  Our class just ended in March with 16 participants and 4 facilitators. 

Dave Ramsey’s nine-week course, Financial Peace, highlights budget challenges early in the class when he encourages participants to “live like no one else, so you can later live like no one else.” Classmate Lee defined the challenge as “making sacrifices that few in our society are willing to make over an extended period of time” and concluded that “if you stay the course, you come out way ahead.”

Rachel, another classmate, is grateful for the “useful cash flow plan” which “has given me a boost in my confidence and enhanced my feeling of being in control of my finances. I have begun to teach my daughter what I am learning in an effort to assist her in creating her future financial wealth.”

Seldom do we have an opportunity to sit in a classroom with folks ranging in age from 20-something to 70-plus- something to discuss a common problem: our financial futures. How encouraging to be able to do so knowing we are not alone in our journey. All of us acknowledged, rather embarrassingly at times, the poor choices we had made in the past. Rather than be discouraged, though, we found good-humored Dave Ramsey to be a champion of specific steps to get our family finances on the road to a more peaceful conclusion. Anyone, whether 20 or 70, who is looking for a great structure for family finances will benefit from this important course. To quote the famous chess master Charles A. Jaffe, “It’s not your salary that makes you rich; it’s your spending habits.” This class will not teach you how to become rich, but it will teach you how to save and spend wisely.

Rachel’s sentiment is one shared by all the participants: “Thank you to VBUMC and our talented instructors for providing this class and giving us tools to grow and become better stewards of the resources that God has given us.”

– Dee Swanson, VBUMC Member

Below are some insights from the participants, in case you are thinking about taking an FPU class in the future:

Did you experience any God-moments or have insights about how your beliefs can/do influence your financial life?

handle money save money

  • Always – without God, I cannot imagine
  • I gave direct to the church for the first time
  • The ability to give more by managing and getting rid of debt; I have more to give by paying off mortgage
  • Stewarding my finances in a way that is pleasing to God and allows me to leave an inheritance to my children
  • Underscored the necessity of always tithing

 What one concept or insight from this class was most helpful to you?

  • Insurance (cancer)
  • Monthly budgeting
  • Benefits of working and saving for college
  • Getting out of debt and evaluate insurance coverage
  • Live life now in a mindful way so I can enjoy life later on
  • Dave says, “Children should not start their lives at their parents’ level. (Social/Economic)

“Every person’s financial situation is unique depending on their choices in life.  We all relate!  I learn something new every time we offer the course.”  – Joanne Griggs