How to Deal with TestsTest

Life is full of tests.  The purpose of a test is to reveal, to educate, to evaluate.   Tests may not always be enjoyable, but they are helpful tools.   We will be tested in this life through circumstances, challenges, problems, struggles and opportunities.  We will be tested in this life because life is a school.  Listen to the April 15 sermon, “This is a Test.”

The New Testament Epistle of James is a helpful book to study because it is full of wisdom for taking on the tests of life.  James deals honestly with some of the biggest issues that we all face, issues like perseverance, temptation, dealing with anger, treating other people graciously, expressing anger in a healthy way, and living out our deepest values when it is difficult or inconvenient.

I encourage Christians who are serious about living out their faith to make a serious study of the book of James.  It is helpful, challenging and motivating.  Worth the time and effort to read and study for anyone who wants to do well in the tests of life.

Pastor Mark Miller