Red Cross Blood Drive

Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. On May 7, we held a Blood Drive to help supply blood for anyone in need. Several of our donors were not church members but folks from the community who found us online.

I have been a donor several times over my lifetime. The opportunity presented itself and it was so easy to give. I want to help others. – Barbara Marquette, oldest donor.

I was nervous at first, but soon discovered that by giving blood, I would be helping more people in this short time than I could normally help in a week or a month. I have a “bleeding heart” and want to help everyone I see! My Mom and I gave blood together.  – John White, 1st time donor


  • 48 people attempted to give
  • 5 were deferred and 1 unable to complete donation
  • 34 successfully donated one unit
  • 3 successfully donated power red (2 units of red blood cells)
  • 41 units were collected
  • 38 donors used the online Rapid Pass to save time checking in our final donor of the drive, Filomena Baer, from Shadowlawn, donated her one hundredth pint!