Adult Sunday School

We encourage you to visit and join one of the existing classes or let us know if you’re interested in becoming a part of a new class.  Classes study a variety of topics and incorporate various teaching styles. For more information, contact the ministry connector listed below or Dick Andrews, Sunday School Superintendent, or Brenda Stahl, Director of Discipleship.

8:00am Discussion Group

Enjoy coffee and a light breakfast as we share experiences of how we encountered God in our lives this past week.
Contact: Jennifer Vaughan, (757) 222-0236

9:30am Sunday School

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Our class was organized in the early 1950’s by singles and couples of varying ages. We have between 45 and 60 members. Besides enjoying singing, we follow a variety of lesson materials. The lessons often lead to lively discussions. Our monthly socials allow for additional fellowship. We also support the church with monetary contributions as needed.
Contact: Peg Graham, 721-4774

Sermon Series Discussions

Singles and couples of various age groups – join us in uplifting class discussions as we search for new understandings of the Bible. We value how God is revealed to us and guides us through Scripture. Our curriculum uses the latest in Bible-based DVDs . We currently support the Ann S. King Scholarship as part of our mission work. Monthly socials in members’ homes and other locations give us an additional opportunity for fellowship and fun.

Contact: Alice Parrish, 481-3251

International Series: Justice in the New Testament

WELCOME to the Beasley Bible class! We are mature adults who meet for Christian fellowship, Bible study, and lunches. We have an active prayer group, sunshine group, and group leaders who provide us with weekly devotions and guidance. We also sponsor a yearly scholarship for college students. We enjoy music, singing, and Christian conviviality. Our Aim: To be God’s hands in the world.

Contact: Joyce Scott, 430-2103


Contemporary Issues for Modern Christians

We offer a nurturing fellowship where each person experiences Christian growth and learns God’s word. The class ranges from middle age to beginning retirement age and has a mix of couples and singles. Class members teach on a rotating basis. Our topics alternate between Bible study and practical applications of the Christian faith in the everyday world in an open discussion format. Our family atmosphere allows new church members to quickly feel at home.

Contact: Steve and Beth Lantz, 481-9529


1st and 2nd Corinthians

We further the cause of Christianity and promote Christian fellowship; enrich the spiritual and social life of each member; spread love and Christian benevolence throughout our community and the world; uphold and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to all whom we meet. We study each book of the Bible and apply the principles to our lives. We meet for fellowship on the second Saturday of the month. At Thanksgiving and Christmas we do a service project to help the needy; we also administer a mission scholarship fund. For support, the class has an active prayer chain.

Contact: Pat Richards, 426-5587

Rabbi Jesus: An Intimate Biography by Bruce Chilton

We are a group of enthusiastic Christians who encourage and support each other through the joys and challenges of life. We work together to learn more about the Christian way of life. Our study format is open and frequently uses discussion to reach classroom goals. Bible study, biblical history, contemporary issues and family matters occupy our list of topics. We enjoy socializing several times per year. Teaching responsibilities are shared among several of our class members.

Contact: Milt Martin, 408-5951

11:00am Sunday School

John: The Gospel of Light and Life by Adam Hamilton

We are set with Christ as our Cornerstone. The Bible and topical biblical studies are explored through study and discussion each week. The group challenges and supports each other through life’s rapids and currents. We enjoy social gatherings several times a year.

Contact: Cheryl Honeycutt, 430-2137


Sermon Series Discussion

Our group focuses on Biblically-based curriculum that is intimately connected with every day life. Join us as we explore ways God calls us to stretch and grow, form lasting and supportive friendships, and lift each other in prayer.

Contact: Noreen Skiles, 486-3871

40 Days to Joy

Our class focuses on applying Christian beliefs towards everyday, contemporary life experiences. We usually watch a video with a few keynote speakers, read scripture, and discuss. We also talk about life experiences. Come join our relaxed environment, where we share a cup of coffee and a Bible verse to live by!

Contact: Laura Lawver, 962-5430

Sermon Series Discussions

We are a group of Christians meeting on Sundays to study the Bible and discuss sermon questions.  We support and encourage each other through the beautiful journey of parenthood.  We enjoy social gatherings quarterly and try to incorporate small acts of service with our children.

Contact: Mike and Leanne Lowdermilk

We are a group of parents meeting on Sundays to grow our relationship with Christ.  We have children ranging from age 2 to college!  We are a newly formed group and we enjoy growing together.  We plan to have social gatherings several times a year and do family community service, as well.  We spend our time discussing the sermon and how it relates to our everyday lives.  

Contact: Kristin Sheely and Mike Hart 

Children's Sunday School

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