2020 Meeting Dates/Times:

Wednesday, January 15, 7:30pm
Wednesday, March 18, 7:30pm
Wednesday, June 10, 7:30pm
Wednesday, August 19, 7:30pm
Wednesday, November 19, 7:30pm

Committee Members

Chairperson: Scott Poteet
Vice-Chairperson: Edrie Pfeiffer
Lay Leader/Lay Representative to Annual Conference: Amy Simpson
Chair of Finance Committee: Joanne Griggs
Chair of Staff-Parish Relations: Heyden Wittmann
Representative of Trustees: Oral Lambert
Church Treasurer: Steve Burich
United Methodist Youth Representative: Hannah Dugan
Young Adult Representative (18-35 years of age): Kristin Sheely
Chair of Second Century Committee: Terry Jenkins
Recording Secretary: Beth Lantz

At Large:
Martha Jo Wilson
Maddy Crane
Aaron Freid
David Grochmal
Cindy West
Katie Kelley

Pastors & Staff (non-voting):
Senior Pastor: Mark Miller
Executive Director: Terry Jenkins
Director of Business Operations: Amy Arrington


2019 Minutes

CLC Minutes, November 20, 2019
CLC Minutes, July 10, 2019
CLC Minutes, April 17, 2019
CLC Minutes, January 1, 2019







Chairperson: Heyden Wittmann
Lay Leader/Lay Representative of Annual Conference: Amy Simpson

Paula David
John Haynes, Sr.
Mike Lowdermilk
Dennis Trahan
Karl Knoche
Andy Hendrick
Heyden Wittmann
Lauren Calcutt

Staff (non-voting):
Senior Pastor: Mark Miller


Chairperson: To Be Elected

Tom Broyles
Steve Lantz
Kendall Rasberry 
Kim Whitley 
Trish Wilbourne 
Jim Eilertsen 
Mike Crane
Terry Jenkins
Oral Lambert

Staff (non-voting):
Director of Business Operations: Amy Arrington
Senior Pastor: Mark Miller

Committee Members

Chairperson: Joanne Griggs
Vice-Chairperson: To Be Determined
Church Council Chairperson: Scott Poteet
Trustees Representative: Steve Lantz
SPR Chairperson: Heyden Wittmann
Stewardship Chairperson: Beth Lantz
Associate Lay Leader: Amy Simpson
Financial Secretary: Tim Miller
Treasurer: Steve Burich
Recording Secretary: Phil Cockrill

At Large:
Trina Lee
Joanne Griggs
Bev Boyer
Scott Miller

Staff  (non-voting):
Senior Pastor: Mark Miller
Director of Business Operations: Amy Arrington
Church Accountant: Dusty Nickerson


2019-2020 Operating Budget Approved By CLC 07.10.2019