On the Road to Eliminating Debt 


Mom kindly paid for our FPU (Financial Peace University) class online back in February 2017. I did not take it seriously until we got to the retirement chapter and everything changed from there on. I could not fathom the idea of “retiring broke” like 70% of the Americans. My wife and I sat down and went through everything related to our financial goals and ways to pay off our debt. We followed the baby steps which started with $1000 in our savings. We are now on baby step #2. We have been “gazelling” it since then. We sold our cars, established a monthly budget, planned our meals weekly, closed out non-Dave approved investment accounts, got rid our credit cards, and decluttered our house to sell everything we could possibly can. Overall, we accumulated $245,000 of debt in student loans, car loans, and credit cards and had about left $100,000 when we started FPU (in 2017). To date, we have $78K of debt left to pay, mostly student loans. Our income is $65K/year after deductions. As my mom mentioned, I am in the military (Air Force) and currently assigned in Okinawa, Japan. We have no house payment, and have 3 kids ages 4 and under.

FPU University Participant

Is Money a Big Deal to God?


“We are a class of imperfect Christians on a journey to engage with our finances in a more perfect way.  Led by the wit and wisdom of Dave Ramsey, we laugh, share, and communicate…and enjoy treats that our leader Bev Boyer so graciously provides each week (even when the roads are covered with snow and ice).  In short, the focus of the class (PEACE) represents our journey:  People Engaging And Combating the #1 Energy drainer: their finances. We are reminded by our tutor, Dave Ramsey, that ‘the Bible talks about money more often than it talks about love and grace.  Think our attitude about money might be a big deal to God?’  If you answered yes to that question, then you understand why we are participating in this course.  The class has met for only a few session so far, but we look forward to sharing our comments and reaction as we progress through the course.” – Dee Swanson.  Click here for more information on Financial Peace University.

“All four of us teachers (me, Joanne Griggs, Tim Miller, and Cameron Miller) have really enjoyed working with the classes.  After our first class was completed (a few years ago), we all looked at each other and said ‘Let’s do this again next year!’  And with each subsequent class, we have seen people come to the first class ‘with fear and trembling’ – sometimes because their own situation was really scary, and sometimes because they were afraid to try to budget.  Dave’s videos soon had us all laughing, both at him, and at all of us humans and our foibles – but he also teaches sound financial principles, and gives you the enthusiasm to begin to do the hard work that is required to re-think your financial life.  As the weeks progressed, we found our class members beginning to relax, and to take control.  By the last class, everyone had a good sense of where they wanted to go, and how to go about getting there.  Financial Peace University is empowering, and it’s a pleasure to be able to provide it for our members and guests.  I can confidently predict that we will offer it again next January(2019)!” – Bev Boyer

In January, even with being closed 3 days, Potter’s House served over 925 households. 

  • 466 lunches were served
  • 117 households were interviewed for financial assistance
  • 342 households were given food feeding 859
  • 2 Bikes were given out
  • 8 bike repairs were done

A total of $2,371.96 was spent. The value for all services given was over $25,000.

Some of the reasons given for requesting financial support were:

  • has full-time job but can’t afford recent hospital bills and now has eviction notice.
  • single Mom lost job for 2 weeks and is behind on bills.  Does have new job now.
  • single Mom, daughter has health problems.  Lost income due to storm closings at work.
  • single Mom with 2 daughters, not enough child support and low paying job.
  • retired couple on fixed income.  Got behind on water bill due to Christmas and medical bills.

Merry Christmas!  This holiday season, we just wanted to say (for the millionth time) just how thankful we are for your role in our family’s life.  2017 has obviously been a huge year for our daughter – even despite brokenness, she has developed into such a vibrant, sweet, silly, little girl and her time at Seaside has truly been a big part of that!  I had her at home with me for two months before she started at preschool, partly because we hadn’t found a daycare that felt right.  We are so glad we held out until we found Seaside!  She had likely never heard the name of Jesus until this year, and it makes me cry to think of how you all are pouring God’s love into her even when she’s not at home.  Even the social workers say they can see that preschool has been a huge part of her development.  It’s because of the love and effort of your and your team.  Thank you for praying for Olivia, encouraging me (and my husband), and investing so much love into our sweet girl.  We are grateful!  – Letter to the Director of Seaside School, Heidi Beauchaine, from a Seaside Parent

Overall, Potter’s House served 676 people.   Fresh Food Wednesday served 361 families, feeding 1,055.  We were also open Christmas Day and served 68 people.  We did this with a little over $4,000, but the value was $26,732! Here are some of the reasons people applied for financial support:

  • Single mom with 2 children; ex-husband behind on child support.  Works for restaurant and tourist season is over so work is slow.
  • Not working due to cancer and has 5 children.
  • Injured at work and waiting for workers compensation to be awarded.
  • One parent laid off for a few months with 2 small children to support.
  • Behind on rent and utilities due to father being out of work.