Living the Bible Everyday

  • Why Did God Not Answer My Prayer?

    Why Did God Not Answer My Prayer? A couple of years ago I came across a televised “healing crusade” featuring a man who claimed to have the
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  • A Confirmation Journey

    A Confirmation Journey Sunday, May 20 was confirmation Sunday.  This is an important milestone for youth in that they become full-fledged members
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  • Avoid Slacktivism

    Avoid Slacktivism “Slacktivism” is a slang word created by combining two other words, “slacker” and “activism.”   It is a word used to describe
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  • Potter's House Sign Working Poor Virginia Beach Oceanfront

    Potter’s House Report May 2018

    Potter's House Report May 2018 The total value of support provided in the form of financial aid, bikes, and food was $33,934.06.  We conducted
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  • Cupcakes how to handle temptations

    2 Keys to Defeating Temptation

    2 Keys to Defeating Temptation Everyone has experienced temptation.  Living as imperfect people with high standards, we sometimes find ourselves
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  • Seaside School Hall of Famer

    Seaside School is our Christian Preschool for kids ages 1 through Kindergarten.  Heidi Beauchanie, the Seaside School Director, recently put an
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  • 2 Tips to Develop Patience

    2 Tips to Develop Patience Developing patience is hard work.  We all have to wait in life.  We wait in line at the grocery store, we wait in
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  • Equal In His Eyes Treat Others Equally

    3 Ways to Treat Others Equally

    3 Ways to Treat Others Equally God never ceases to surprise me, especially in the way that Scripture seems to open our eyes to the world around
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  • Tea Cup With Spoon

    Women’s Tea Luncheon

    Women's Tea Luncheon Although Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford and Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Victoria, is often credited with starting the
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  • Red Cross Lg

    Red Cross Blood Drive

    Red Cross Blood Drive Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. On May 7, we held a Blood Drive to help supply blood for anyone in
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