Living the Bible Everyday

  • I’m Not Supposed to Judge?

    I'm Not Supposed to Judge? Nobody wants to be a “holier than thou, judgmental hypocrite.”  And most of the time we aren’t.  I often read of
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  • Is Divorce and Re-Marriage Adultery?

    Is Divorce and Re-Marriage Adultery? One of the most difficult teachings of Jesus has to do with divorce and re-marriage.  Jesus is clear and
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  • Circle of Friends

    Circle of Friends I attended a friend’s fiftieth birthday party a few months ago and watched as the birthday girl entered a room filled with the
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  • Jesus Didn’t Come to Bring Peace?

    Jesus Didn't Come to Bring Peace? ​“Tell me about a time that you had to choose between what was easy and what was right.” I was ready for many
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  • Not Just on Sundays

    Are You a Christian During the Week? "A man who merely sits in a pew on Sunday morning and calls himself a Christian is like the man who stands
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  • Why Do the Rich Get Richer?

    Why Do the Rich Get Richer? Have you ever gone to a yard sale or checked out one of the many online platforms for trading and selling used goods?
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  • Must I Hate My Family to Follow Jesus?

    Must I Hate My Family to Follow Jesus? Jesus spoke many beautiful and wonderful truths during his earthly ministry. But he also said some
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  • money trap

    Can Rich People Get Into Heaven?

    Can Rich People Get Into Heaven? I appreciate the creativity of the Tricuna Tribe of Brazil.  These indigenous people who live in the Brazilian
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  • God's Wisdom

    4 Truths About God’s Wisdom

    ​4 Truths About God's Wisdom When I was younger, I got in trouble for taking apart my parents’ cable box. I’m still not exactly sure how I broke
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  • Bowling for HOPE

    Bowling for HOPE Many thanks to everyone who came out and supported our fundraiser for HOPE Missions Ethiopia! The more than $11,000 that you
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