Merry Christmas!  This holiday season, we just wanted to say (for the millionth time) just how thankful we are for your role in our family’s life.  2017 has obviously been a huge year for our daughter – even despite brokenness, she has developed into such a vibrant, sweet, silly, little girl and her time at Seaside has truly been a big part of that!  I had her at home with me for two months before she started at preschool, partly because we hadn’t found a daycare that felt right.  We are so glad we held out until we found Seaside!  She had likely never heard the name of Jesus until this year, and it makes me cry to think of how you all are pouring God’s love into her even when she’s not at home.  Even the social workers say they can see that preschool has been a huge part of her development.  It’s because of the love and effort of your and your team.  Thank you for praying for Olivia, encouraging me (and my husband), and investing so much love into our sweet girl.  We are grateful!  – Letter to the Director of Seaside School, Heidi Beauchaine, from a Seaside Parent