A Confirmation Journeyconfirmation faith journey

Sunday, May 20 was confirmation Sunday.  This is an important milestone for youth in that they become full-fledged members of our church.  More importantly, they are on a faith journey to learn more about their relationship with Jesus, how they can relate that to the church, and how the church supports them through this. The act of being confirmed is the visible culmination of weeks of study, self-reflection, group discussion, prayer, and more.  It is where young people publicly declare their commitment to honor God and their Church by living as a “disciple of Christ,” and their intention to continue that journey throughout their lives. 

We were blessed with 11 confirmands this year. 

My son, Wyatt was confirmed Sunday May 20th at Virginia Beach United Methodist. The days before, I had been reflecting on how huge that event feels to me and how excited I was that he was choosing confirmation. I spent of big part of my life as a non-Christian. I found myself at VBUMC through the MOPS program in 2010. I remember pulling into the parking lot and saying to myself “Crap. It’s in a ‘churchy church.’” Long story short, I found Christ in this “churchy church.” My son Wyatt is autistic and super literal, so when he was a little boy and I was trying to get him “to do church” with me the concept of God was such an abstract thing for him to grasp. For Wyatt’s mind, I couldn’t provide tangible proof of Gods existence, therefore, He simply didn’t exist. It took years here. Through continual attendance, Sunday School, the childcare (Cove), the music ministry/praise band, CREW, various opportunities to serve, even VBS, we learned who God is through His people. More, Wyatt learned that God exists because his teachers at VBUMC are walking, talking (proof/tangible) evidence of Him.

I became a believer and somewhere along our journey together, Wyatt hit the “I believe” button as well and he’s chosen to be confirmed. I can’t even describe how full my heart is and how proud I am of Wyatt!”

– Sarah Rigowski, church member