A Prayer Shawl can offer tangible comfort and be a witness to God in a person’s life. That’s why we are planning to include them with our gifts for the “Christmas Tree of Lights for Seniors.” Recently, Rosie Hughes received a Prayer Shawl before she went into the hospital for surgery. “I took my prayer shawl with me, specifically to use at night, as hospitals can be chilly. During the day, at Lake Taylor, it was usually draped over my bed or chair. Many people (staff) would comment on the lovely scarf, and I explained that this was not just a scarf but a special prayer shawl, a ministry of our church, and that when I went to bed at night I wrapped myself in the prayers of my faith community. The shawl became a witness of God’s love all on its own.” Even if you aren’t able to make one in time for the Tree, please consider participating in this ministry during the year to bring the love and hope of Jesus to someone in need.