Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

Sunday school classes meet each Sunday at 8:00AM, 9:30 AM or 11:00 AM.  We encourage you to visit and/or join one of the existing classes or let us know of your interest in becoming a part of a new class.  Classes study a variety of topics and incorporate various teaching styles.   For more information contact the ministry connector listed below or Dick Andrews, Sunday School Superintendent, or Brenda Stahl, Director of Discipleship.

Java & Jesus Fellowship Hall Karen Gratton 581-9587
Agape S304-312 Sally Logan 430-8256
Aldersgate N206 Alice Parrish 481-3251
Beasley Bible N101 Joyce Scott 430-2103
Four Winds S303 Steve or Beth Lantz 481-9529
Good News N205 Dick Morrison 481-6623
Voyaging Wesleyans S323 Milt Martin 408-5951
Cornerstone S323 Cheryl Honeycutt 430-2137
Explorers N206 Noreen Skiles 486-3871
The Risers S303 Laura Lawver 962-5430

Children’s Sunday School

Cape Faith

Contact: Director of Children’s Ministry: Crystal Colohan