Serve Our Neighbors

Potter’s House

Potter’s House is located at 1709 Pacific Avenue, across 18th street from Virginia Beach United Methodist Church. The parking lot and entrance are in the back of the building and accessed from 18th Street, directly behind Domino’s Pizza.
The Potter’s House came into being as a result of Virginia Beach United Methodist Church’s fund-raising campaign for the educational building in the late 1990’s. The organizers of the campaign insisted that a tithe of ten percent of the funds raised, be set aside to serve the poor. With that tithe, a building across the street from the church was purchased and renovated by volunteers to serve this purpose. Potter’s House has occupied the building since June of 1999.
The name “Potter’s House” comes from scripture. Isaiah 64.8, “But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand”.
Potter’s House is staffed and operated by volunteers. The Potter’s House budget is based solely on donations, from Communion Sunday collections and other donations throughout the year. Financial and material support is also provided by private companies and organizations in the community. The Potter’s House ministry networks with other local churches. Potter’s House volunteers provide a support system for the homeless, working, and non-working poor by striving to meet their immediate needs.
Tuesday and Thursday mornings – 9:30 – 10:30am.
Potter’s House provides services to the homeless, the working poor, and those in crisis situations, who are residents of Virginia Beach. Assistance is Available for:
Sack Lunches
Food Orders
Utilities: Electricity, Natural Gas, Water, Sewer, & Heating Oil
Birth Certificates – Domestic and Foreign
State of Virginia ID Card
Personal Hygiene Items
Bicycles & Bicycle Repair (proof of minimum of 2 weeks employment required to obtain a bicycle)
Clients are eligible for food orders every two months. Clients are eligible for financial assistance once a year.
The following donations are always needed at Potter’s House:
Peanut Butter
Canned fruits and vegetables
Canned meats – tuna, spam, treat, beef stew
Canned or jar spaghetti sauce
Dry spaghetti
Boxed macaroni and cheese
Knit stocking caps
Financial assistance
Tangible donations should be marked “Potter’s House” and may be placed in the Potter’s House cart near the Welcome Center. Monetary donations may be made to the Virginia Beach United Methodist Church with the memo “Potter’s House”.

Responsibilities: Provide a support system for the homeless, working, and non-working poor by striving to meet their immediate needs. Interview those in need, fill personal hygiene orders, pour drinks, serve soup, replenish the pastries, and copy forms, etc.
Spiritual Gifts: Helps/Assistance
Schedule: 2-3 hours on Tuesday or Thursday mornings on a rotating basis.
Length of Commitment: Not specified.

CBC (Care By Community)

Mid-October through May, Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:15-5:30PM.
Care by Community is an after-school program for homeless and “at-risk” students from our neighboring schools. On Mondays and Wednesdays, students who participate in the program come here to receive help with homework, school projects, reading, and any other academic needs. They also have some recreation time to play games and just have fun! The students are then fed a hot meal and then taken home. The program was created to help not only the students but to allow their parents to work later into the evenings. This is a great way to reach out and make a positive and lasting impact on our community! The CBC program has proven to help improve students’ grades, behavior, and over all self-esteem! It also helps families help themselves and pull themselves out of homelessness.
Donations of snacks should be clearly marked “CBC After School Program” and left in the church office.
Financial donations may be placed in an envelope and in the CBC After School Program mailbox in the church office.
We are involved with the City of Virginia Beach, Partners in Education.
You can volunteer with the children doing one-on-one homework assistance, reading, school projects and even playing games! Volunteers can work one day a week, a month, or more. Please arrive at 3:15pm and stay for dinner while we feed our CBC children!
If you would like to assist with CBC but can’t give of your time and talent in the classroom you can always assist by providing baked goods and/or juice boxes, cooking a meal, or even buying presents for special events.

Responsibilities: Provide baked good snacks or juice boxes for Care by Community After School Program on scheduled Monday or Wednesday before 2 PM.
Spiritual Gifts: Helps/Assistance
Schedule: Varies, as needed, on a rotating basis during the school year.
Length of Commitment: Not specified.

Responsibilities: Help children with homework and school projects; read to students or listen to students read.
Spiritual Gifts: Helps/Assistance
Schedule: 1 1/2 hours Monday or Wednesday (can work multiple days).
Length of Commitment: Not specified.

Responsibilities: Help provide and serve a meal to 30-35 elementary school students.
Spiritual Gifts: Helps/Assistance
Schedule: 1 1/2 hours Monday or Wednesday (can work multiple days).
Length of Commitment: Not specified.

Responsibilities: Collect names of children and their Christmas gift requests (toys and clothing) from Social Services and Care by Community After School Program. Create angel tags with gift requests for the Christmas tree in the Fellowship Hall. Coordinate delivery of gifts with SS and CBC.
Spiritual Gifts: Administration/Leadership; Helps/Assist
Schedule: October through December.
Length of Commitment: October through December.

Kids’ Closet

LOCATION: Shop nights are held in the Fellowship Hall. The Kid’s Closet storage and sorting room is located in N202.
SHOP NIGHTS: 6:30pm-7:30pm, 3rd Mondays: September – May
HISTORY: Kid’s Closet came to be out of a few moms wondering how they could recycle the clothing their kids were growing out of to be used in conjunction with Care By Community (CBC). These moms were introduced to each other in 2010.
MISSION: Kids Closet is a ministry dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus by providing FREE, new or gently used children’s clothing and shoes to local families facing financial strain. We are also strengthen our community by encouraging a time of fellowship while providing a hot meal at each “Shop Night.”
Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke the loaves. Then he gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the people. They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over. Matthew 14:13-21
New underwear and socks
Clean, gently worn shoes
Clean, gently used children’s clothing
Decorated place mats & decorations for dining tables

Responsibilities: Help sort children’s clothing by gender and size.
Spiritual Gifts: Helps/Assistance

Dates/time of sort nights will be posted on the Kids Closet Facebook page.
Sort on your schedule! There will be sort charts posted so you can sort a bag or two at your convenience. Just let us know in advance.
Group Sort Night: We always welcome volunteers to help sort through our donations. Group nights make the task go by even quicker.
Length of Commitment: Not specifi

Responsibilities: We bring all of our bins down and set up the tables on Sunday nights. If you are free, stop by about 6:30 on the Sunday night prior to our scheduled shop nights.

Shop night volunteers arrive around 5:30 or earlier to unpack the bins and set out the clothing and other items. (An example diagram will be left in the sort room)
Tear Down: Fold and store all remaining clothing at the end of the night back into their correct bins.
Spiritual Gifts: Helps/Assistance
Schedule: Third Monday of each month.
Length of Commitment: Not specific.

Responsibilities: Help provide and serve a meal to 30-35 elementary school students.
Spiritual Gifts: Helps/Assistance
Schedule: 1 1/2 hours Monday or Wednesday (can work multiple days).
Length of Commitment: Not specified.

Responsibilities: Help our shoppers find the sizes needed for their children, keep tables organized, and restock as needed.
Spiritual Gifts: Helps/Assistance
Schedule: Third Monday of each month.
Length of Commitment: Not specific.

Bicycle Transportation Ministry

Volunteers at the bike shop repair about 25 bikes a week and give out 4-5 bikes per week. A requirement to obtain a bike or repair service is that the person be gainfully employed.
As of November 2007, about $1500 a year is being spent in this Ministry. Approximately 1,000 bikes are repaired and about 200 to 250 bikes were being given away a year. Most of the bikes are donated from the churches in the Beach Borough. Inner tubes, gear and brake cables, and necessary tools, cables, and locks are purchased. Each bike given away has a cable with a lock to help reduce theft.
Currently, you will find a crew repairing bikes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Potter’s House. A crew goes around town and picks up bicycles. One volunteer allows the ministry to use her garage to store excess bikes in the winter so they are available when the summer season hits full stride and the homeless population is at its greatest.
Bikes are always needed. Bike parts are recycled, including bike locks and cables. Receipts are provided which can be used for charitable tax deductions. If you would like to donate a bike or bike parts please contact Dave Moore Sr., 757-407-2560.

Responsibilities: Repair and maintain bikes; keep tools and shop orderly and clean; and communicate material needs to Ministry Coordinator.
Spiritual Gifts: Giving/Generosity; Helps/Assistance.
Schedule: 2 – 3 hours per week in the mornings on Tuesdays or Thursdays.
Length of Commitment: Not specified.

Fresh Food Wednesday

Wednesday evenings, 6:00-7:00pm, Scott Memorial UMC
We still have our emergency food pantry at Potter’s House. Those that need help on a regular basis go to our Fresh Food Wednesday program on Wednesday evenings. We run the program with Scott Memorial. Now everyone can find parking and wait inside, out of the weather!

Responsibilities: Assist with distribution of fresh produce, bakery goods, and meat to those in need. Help people check in, monitor flow, assist with shopping, and clean up.
Spiritual Gifts: Helps/Assistance; Mercy/Compassion
Schedule: Wednesday evenings.
Length of Commitment: Not specific

Good News Jail & Prison Ministry

“Reaching Those Others Have Forgotten . . .”
We are privileged to partner with Good News Jail & Prison Ministry. Good News Jail & Prison Ministry is the largest independent supplier of chaplains for jails and prisons worldwide, serving in 22 states, 1 American territory and 25 countries. Your gifts help reach inmates and staff with the Gospel and to disciple them for Jesus Christ. Thank you for helping us reach those others have forgotten.
More info on Good News Jail & Prison Ministry.

Responsibilities: Minister to inmates at the Virginia Beach Correctional Center (Jail) and to youth at the Salem House (juvenile detention center) by teaching, mentoring, sharing, caring, grading Bible lessons, distributing Christian materials, and fund raising.
Spiritual Gifts: Evangelism; Exhortation (Encouragement); Intercession; Pastor-Teacher (Shepherding); Teaching.
Schedule: As needed and as your schedule permits.
Length of Commitment: 1 year.


Responsibilities: Participate in mission trips to Ethiopia in whatever capacity is needed.
Spiritual Gifts: Helps/Assistance
Schedule: As needed.
Length of Commitment: Not specified.