Serve in Senior Ministry

Senior Ministry’s overriding goal is to foster an environment in which adults in mid to late life feel really welcomed and fully engaged in the ministry of God’s kingdom. Senior’s experiences and wisdom are embraced as valuable resources for:

  • Missional opportunities to serve as the hands and feet of Christ to the broken in our midst

Ministry Purpose – to offer experiences beyond the pew for seniors for encountering, embracing and emulating the living Christ.

Ministry Vision – to develop opportunities for persons encountering mid-life/late-life changes to “reinvent” themselves as God has equipped them through their previous years.

Contact:  Janice Cagle:, 757-428-7727

Service Opportunites

Responsibilities: Assist with planning meetings, trips, service projects, or devotionals.
Spiritual Gifts: Helps/Assistance; Administration
Schedule: 1 hour per month + planning time
Length of Commitment: 1 year

Responsibilities: Volunteer to

  • send notes or cards to members of our congregation
  • provide meals for members within our church in times of crisis
  • assist with light housekeeping, organizing, grocery shopping, other shopping or running errands
  • assist with transportation for members

Spiritual Gifts: Helps/Assistance; Mercy/Compassion; Encouragement
Schedule: Dependent upon the need.
Length of Commitment: 1 year.

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