Our Vision


We envision a community where people connect to the life changing love and hope of Jesus.


We are to impact the community by offering the security of a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Strengthen our congregation to be life changing agents of Jesus

Connect to families with children

Engage with disconnected people in the community


What are the shared convictions that guide our actions and reveal our strengths as a church?

We value a personal relationship with God, accepting God’s grace offered through Jesus Christ and recognizing that a personal relationship with God is essential;

We value Bible-centered preaching and teaching, believing that the Bible is God’s living word, how God is revealed to us, and God’s guide for our lives;

We value intentional mission, serving as the hands and feet of Christ to the broken in our midst, outside our doors, and around the world;

We value bold hospitality, actively seeking opportunities to be inviting and welcoming, mirroring Christ’s outstretched arms; and

We value genuine relationships, reaching across barriers of status, education, experience, and beliefs.


What attributes in an individual’s life will define/reflect the accomplishment of the church’s mandate?

Encounter the living Christ through prayer and worship.

Embrace  Christ through study and small group involvement.

Emulate Christ through giving, serving, and faith sharing.