Meeting Dates/Times:

Wednesday, February 21, 7:30pm
Wednesday, April 18, 7:30pm
Wednesday, June 20, 7:30pm
Wednesday, August 15, 7:30pm
Wednesday, October 17, 7:30pm
Wednesday, November 28, 7:30pm

Committee Members

Chair Chris Everly
Vice Chair Scott Poteet
Lay Leader/Lay Representative to Annual Conference Bart Folta
Associate Lay Leader Amy Simpson
Chair of Finance Committee Ron Dyer
Chair of Staff-Parish Relations Tracy Miller
Representative of Trustees Oral Lambert
Church Treasurer Steve Burich
Representative of United Methodist Youth Jack Shepherd & Keylee Henderson
Young Adult Representative (18-35 years of age) Michael Snow
Senior Pastor Mark Miller
Associate Pastor Matt Potter
At Large Martha Jo Wilson
At Large Fred Metz
At Large Kristen Rimer Sheely
Stewardship Chair Beth Lantz
Second Century Committee Chair Terry Jenkins
Recording Secretary Michael Key
Church Administrator Ken Miller (non-voting)
Director of Adult Discipleship Brenda Stahl
Director of Senior Ministry Janice Cagle
Director of Student Ministry Chuck Cassidy
Director of Children’s Ministry Crystal Colohan
Director of Communications Heather McEntee (non-voting)


2018 Minutes

CLC Minutes January 24, 2018

2017 Minutes

CLC Minutes Nov 29, 2017
CLC Minutes Sept 20, 2017
CLC Minutes June 21, 2017
CLC Minutes April 19, 2017
CLC Minutes March 24. 2017
CLC Minutes January 18, 2017

2016 Minutes

CLC Minutes November 30, 2016
CLC Minutes October 19, 2016

CLC Minutes September 21, 2016
CLC Minutes June 15, 2016
CLC Minutes April 20, 2016
CLC Minutes January 20, 2016


Blueprint Sermon Feb 5, 2017
Roadmap To The Future As Developed By CLC Nov 30, 2016


Chair Heyden Whittman
Member Tracy Miller
Member Lauren Calcutt
Member Paula David
Member John Haynes, Sr.
Member Mike Lowdermilk
Member Donna Watson
Member Pam Poteet
Member Rich Smith
Lay Leader Member Bart Folta
Senior Pastor Mark Miller

Chair to be elected
Member Oral Lambert
Member Terry Jenkins 
Member Mike Crane
Member Steve Lantz 
Member Kendall Rasberry 
Member Ellen Keeter 
Member Trish Wilbourne 
Member Jim Eilertsen 
Member Tom Broyles
Church Administrator (non-voting)Ken Miller 
Senior Pastor Mark Miller

Committee Members

Chair Ron Dyer
Vice-Chair  Bev Boyer
CLC Chair Chris Everly
Trustee Representative Steve Lantz
SPR Chair Tracy Miller
Stewardship Chair Beth Lantz
Associate Lay Leader Bart Folta
Financial Secretary Tim Miller
Treasurer Steve Burich
Church Administrator Ken Miller – no vote
Church Accountant Dusty Nickerson – no vote
Recording Secretary Phil Cockrill
At Large Member Trina Lee
At Large Member Joanne Griggs
At Large Member Willis Watson
Senior Pastor Mark Miller
 Associate Pastor Matt Potter


VBUMC YTD Revenue And Expenses 8.31.17

2017 2018 Operating Budget Approved By CLC 2017 06 21


Committee Members

Chair Beth Lantz
Member Darrick Wickre
Member Josh Seager
Member Robin Crane
Member Bill Gough
Member Bob West
Member Walt Cole
Senior Pastor Mark Miller
Church Administrator Ken Miller
Director of Adult Discipleship Brenda Stahl
Director of Communications Heather McEntee
Administrative Assistant to the Pastors Laura Ezell


Annual Report 2016 17
Annual Report 2015 16



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