Serve in Children's Ministry

Do you enjoy nurturing children and seeing their energy and excitement as you interact with them?   Help share and communicate God’s love and His Word with our younger generation by volunteering to serve in Children’s Ministry.

Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation.  Joel 1:3


Responsibilities:  Volunteer receives an Email at home with the Children’s Sermon for the upcoming Sunday (it is NOT necessary to memorize the sermon).  Volunteer is present in the Sanctuary during their designated time, waits for the children to be dismissed from the Children’s Moment, and takes the children to the Children’s Church room.  Conduct a brief 10-15 minute worship service (order of worship, sermon and all materials are provided).  Allow the children to play while waiting for their parents.
Spiritual Gifts:  Helps/Assistance
Schedule:  Works 1 service on 1 Sunday a month.
Length of Commitment:  1 year.

Responsibilities:  The shepherd is the constant figure for the children and as such greets them each week, takes attendance and offering, shares and talks with them, and builds relationships with them.  Assist the children and/or the Worship Leader as needed.
Spiritual Gifts:  Pastor-Teacher (Shepherding)
Schedule:  1 hour per week for alternating months for 1 year.  Subs arranged as needed.
Length of Commitment:  1 year

Responsibilities:  Sunday School is center-based, focusing on one story over the course several weeks.  The story is presented from the Bible in various formats such as storytelling, art, missions, games, AV theatre, and cooking.  The overall style appeals to all types of learners including those children who are verbal, logical, visual, physical, musical, social, and independent learners.
Spiritual Gifts:  Teaching
Schedule:  1 hour on Sunday for 1 month, typically alternating months for a total of 6 months of teaching over the course of a year.  Subs arranged as needed.
Length of Commitment:  1 year.

Responsibilities:  Provide childcare for MOPs children.
Spiritual Gifts:  Helps/Assistance.
Schedule:  4 hours a month:  2 childcare sessions a month for 2 hours each.
Length of Commitment:  1 year.

Responsibilities:  Assist as needed with your choice of administration, Bible exploration, recreation, snacks, music, or drama.
Spiritual Gifts:  Helps/Assistance
Schedule:  1 week commitment is required in July, Mon.-Fri. AM and Fri. PM
Length of Commitment:  At least one week, possibly a few more hours depending upon volunteer position.

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