Ministry Impact

Here are some of the ways our new north wing will help us to fulfill our vision:
  • Easily identifiable entrance located near our largest parking lot helps guests feel more welcomed and makes it easier for us to connect with our guests
  • Spacious gathering area helps create a greater sense of community among members arriving for worship, Sunday school, and other church activities
  • All-weather passageway from the gathering area to the sanctuary narthex provides protection from rain, wind, heat, and cold for members and guests arriving for worship
  • Improved building security adds another layer of safety for our children
  • Enlarged fellowship hall provides space for dinners, receptions, and other congregation-wide
  • Multi-purpose fellowship hall provides an indoor recreational space for children in our preschool to have a place to play during inclement weather, and for our youth to meet for programs that will help them connect and grow in faith
  • Flexible design of the fellowship hall offers an environment suitable for an alternative worship experience that will help our church reach the next generation who prefer a different style of worship and music
  • 3000 square feet of classroom and meeting space on the second floor supports new and current Sunday school classes, life groups, support groups and committee meetings
  • New church parlor supports the church’s ministries with families for weddings, funerals and other church functions
  • Wider first floor hallway improves flow between the new North Wing and existing South Wing
  • 3900 square feet of completely remodeled space on the second floor of the South Wing demonstrates our commitment to our youth by creating a new enlarged Youth Center to help our youth encounter and grow in their relationship with God and each other
  • Technology upgrades incorporated in all new construction improves communication, security, and all learning environments
  • Energy efficient heating and air conditioning system provides year-round comfort
In short, a new north wing provides a building better suited to enabling us to fulfill our vision of connecting people to the life-changing love and hope of Jesus!