Case Statement Capital Campaign 2017

The year was 1959, and members of Virginia Beach Methodist Church gathered to place the cornerstone for the part of our building we now refer to as the “North Wing.” Excitement ran high as people imagined the ministries that would be made possible by the construction of this new addition. But today, some 58 years later, the North Wing, the oldest part of our church, is failing. Asbestos floor tiles, heating and air conditioning systems that fail on a regular basis, and water damage from chronic issues related to a leaking roof and leaking plumbing, along with a dated appearance combine to make this the least appealing and least useful part of our building. The urgent necessity of replacing the North Wing has been recognized and studied for more than ten years. Now is the time to act!

Virginia Beach United Methodist Church exists to connect people to the life changing love and hope of Jesus. Our priorities for achieving this vision involve connecting with young adults and families, engaging the disconnected and unchurched, and equipping our members to become life changing agents of Jesus. Urgent attention must be given to replacing our aging North Wing if we are to achieve this vision.

Our new North Wing will feature a large contemporary gathering space which will serve as the primary entrance to the church for people of all ages arriving for worship, Sunday school, and fellowship, and is designed to create an atmosphere of excitement and hospitality, while fostering a sense of community.

From the new gathering space, one can easily enter the sanctuary, protected from the elements, or enter the new enlarged multi-purpose fellowship hall. The new fellowship hall will serve as a play area for children in our preschool, a recreational area for our youth, a flexible space suitable for an alternative worship service, and a gathering space for church suppers, receptions, and programs.

Just upstairs from the gathering space, the new second floor will provide classroom and meeting space to accommodate Bible studies, support groups, and church meetings.

From our new North Wing, members and visitors will have easy access to our nursery, pre-school, children’s and youth ministry areas located in the South Wing.

Our North Wing replacement project also includes a major remodeling of the second floor of the South Wing to include technology upgrades to provide an exciting new space for our youth ministries.

Our project will cost approximately $5.5 million in construction and “soft costs.” The good news is that Virginia Beach United Methodist Church conducted a capital campaign in 2008 towards a building project to address the same issues being addressed by the current project. Even when those earlier plans were put on hold due to the impact of the national recession which hit in 2008, many have continued to honor their commitments confident that, when the time was right, the church would proceed with its plan to replace the North Wing. Thanks to their generosity and revenue from the church parking lot, we currently have $2.3 million with which to begin a new capital campaign to fund this exciting project. The goal for our current campaign is $3.2 million. 10% of the funds raised during our campaign will be set aside to provide funding for missions.

Trust God and dream with us as we prepare for a second century of ministry at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront!