Capital Campaign 2017

Now is the Time to Act!

The North Wing, the oldest part of our church, is failing. Asbestos floor tiles, heating and air conditioning systems that fail on a regular basis, and water damage from chronic issues related to a leaking roof and leaking plumbing, along with a dated appearance combine to make this the least appealing and least useful part of our building. The urgent necessity of replacing the North Wing has been recognized and studied for more than ten years.

A Message from Pastor Ralph Rowley

I am constantly amazed by the faithfulness and generosity of those who have been members of Virginia Beach United Methodist Church over the past 100 years. Everywhere I look I see evidence of their vision and sacrifice in providing a place where people can and do connect to the life-changing love and hope of Jesus. We are the heirs and grateful recipients of their generosity and sacrifice. Now it’s our turn!

As we begin our second century of ministry at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, we have a unique opportunity to be a part of something big that will live on long after we are gone to ensure the vibrancy of our church as a place where children, youth, and adults may experience the life changing love and hope of Jesus.

Today the urgent necessity of replacing our failing North Wing with a new addition that is better suited to enabling us to fulfill our vision is our opportunity to pay it forward to the next generation.

It is my prayer that those who encounter the life changing love and hope of Jesus at Virginia Beach United Methodist Church in the years to come will look around them and see evidence of our vision and sacrifice in providing for them a place where such encounters can and do occur. With your support of our Changing Lives through Hope and Action campaign, I have no doubt that they will.

Thank you for your faithfulness,

Ralph W. Rowley
Senior Pastor

Ministry Impact 





Vision Brochure



Creative Strategies in Giving Brochure

The Facts

Our project will cost approximately $5.5 million in construction and “soft costs.” From the 2008 capital campaign and parking lot funds, we currently have $2.3 million. The goal for this capital campaign is $3.2 million.

New Gathering Space
  • To serve as a primary entrance for the church
  • To provide a welcoming space
  • To foster a greater sense of community among those gathering for worship and other activities
New Fellowship Hall
  • To be use as a play area for children in our preschool
  • To serve as a recreational area for our youth
  • To house alternative worship services
  • To host church suppers, receptions, and programs
 New Second Floor
  • For Bible studies
  • For support groups
  • For committee and other church meetings
 Second Floor South Wing
  • Improved functional space for youth activities
  • Technology upgrade

Lord, What Do You Want to do Through Me?


Each household is asked to pray for guidance, seeking God’s will in determining their role in this crucial time.


Praise God for the blessings He has given to each of us and to our church, for potential ministries as a result of this campaign, and for future opportunities He will bring and the lives He will touch.


Plan to be involved. Mark your calendar for the special events on the enclosed bookmark that will provide information to celebrate this campaign. Plan to be a part of the future God has intended for us!

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