Bike Ministry

Volunteers at the bike shop repair about 25 bikes a week and give out 4-5 bikes per week. A requirement to obtain a bike or repair service is that the person be gainfully employed.

As of November 2007, about $1500 a year is being spent in this Ministry. Approximately 1,000 bikes are repaired and about 200 to 250 bikes were being given away a year. Most of the bikes are donated from the churches in the Beach Borough. Inner tubes, gear and brake cables, and necessary tools, cables, and locks are purchased. Each bike given away has a cable with a lock to help reduce theft.

Currently, you will find a crew repairing bikes on  Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Potter’s House.   A crew goes around town and picks up bicycles. One volunteer allows the ministry to use her garage to store excess bikes in the winter so they are available when the summer season hits full stride and the homeless population is at its greatest.


Bikes are always needed. Bike parts are recycled, including bike locks and cables. Receipts are provided which can be used for charitable tax deductions. If you would like to donate a bike or bike parts please contact Dave Moore Sr., 757-407-2560.

Service Opportunities

Responsibilities:  Repair and maintain bikes; keep tools and shop orderly and clean; and communicate material needs to Ministry Coordinator.
Spiritual Gifts:  Giving/Generosity; Helps/Assistance.
Schedule: 2 – 3 hours per week in the mornings on Tuesdays or Thursdays.
Length of Commitment:  Not specified.

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